This blog is created as part of my research project “Screen As Site of Performance:Body Coded in Motion”. This practice as research project aims to explore properties and interactive aspects of embodied media environments. Moreover, this project examines the digitally mediated interactions between the analog entity of the human body and its digital representations. For the purpose of my research I navigate the screen as a fuzzy border that engages constant transition: offline-to-online, signal-to-sample, analog-to-digital. Finally, my focus is how and where the display screen can be used as a site where real-time motion graphics visualization can be displayed and interpreted by different audiences and communities.
This research is a contribution towards interactive processes between art, scientific and digital systems including interactive media, virtual reality and alternative sensors and the transferability of scientific visualization. I hope to contribute toward extending digital systems into the realms of motion, touch and the kinesthetic. Like most artists engaged in this field of enquiry, I believe that in order to explore further the integration of physical and virtual spaces through motion, movement away from the conventional interface of mouse and keyboard is a significant cultural event worth investigating.


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