Director of studies:

Dr Jane Bacon creates and performs interdisciplinary work that cut across the boundaries of dance, video, text and sound. She also works as a facilitator for performers and makers interested in developing their creative processes through the use of ‘focusing’, a tool for developing and working with the ‘felt sense’. She also works with Authentic Movement and Jung’s notion of ‘active imagination’.


Andrew Langford’s practice-led research explores the development of original images and artefacts for exhibition and publication. Enquiry is centred on the context of accelerated biogenetic and industrial impact on the natural world and the shifting cultural value of the photograph in the digital environment.

Paul Wilson is a Lecturer in the School of Design at University of Leeds . He received his BA (Hons) Visual Communication from the University of East London and completed his PhD in 2001 from Nottingham Trent University. Paul is a partner in the Northampton-based community arts organisation Liquidiser which seeks to actively and creatively engage with marginalised spaces, stakeholders, groups and individuals (

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  1. […] one big thanks to my supervisors.  I find their patience, advices and time the most valuable […]

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